Building m68k-coff-gcc

Michael Svetlik
Thu Dec 5 08:57:00 GMT 2002

Sure. /usr/local/bin is in my PATH.
prefix is not explicitely given, so it defaults to /usr/local, also.
target is configured in the Makefile, its 'm68k-coff'.
 From the Makefile snip within my last mail, you may see the configure 
options, like

    ../${BINUTILS_SOURCE_PATH}/configure --host=${HOST} --target=${TARGET} \

for the binutils target. The Make variables are set a few lines above.

In the meantime, I got that stuff running: I provided a couple of 
sym-links, and the bootstrap stage exits with success.
I'm using a '--prefix=/opt/' now, to keep control over its output - 
/opt/bin is in the path :-) - and the compiler works.

For the moment, further toolchain items are not THAT important, I'm 
going to make weekend. Thus, thanks for your assistance.


William A. Gatliff wrote:

>>    _mulsi3
>>    /bin/sh: m68k-coff-ar-2.95.3: command not found
>Is your ${PREFIX}/bin directory in your PATH?
>What did you specify for --target, --prefix, and so forth during
>configure?  This looks like a combination of errors...

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