QUESTION: strange behaviour of typedef enum and __attribute__((packed)) using sh-hms-g++ 3.0.3

Fabio Giovagnini
Wed Dec 11 00:35:00 GMT 2002

Hi everybody,
that's my problem:
if I define
typedef struct ms{
	unsigned long f1;
	unsigned long f2;
	unsigned char f3;
	} __attribute__((packed)) ms_t;

unsigned char test;

test = sizeof(ms_t);

i see test == 9;

if I delete attribure specifier, i see test = 12.
This is the expected behaviour !!!!

If I define
typedef enum en {em_f1 = 0, em_f2, em_f3} __attribute__(((packed),aligned(1))) 

compiling with sh-hms-g++ 3.0.3 I have an error: missing semicolon ....
instead compiling with sh-hms-gcc 3.0.3 everything works fine and the size is 
the expected size.

If I define
typedef enum en {em_f1 = 0, em_f2, em_f3} em_t 

no compiler error I see with sh-hms-g++ but the size is 4 that's unexpected 
size for this enum type if we suppose the __attribute__ keyword has been 
So I dedice the __attribute__ working in thuis sintax is not working, as 
someone said some time ago.

Does anyone have some tips to understand and solve this problem?


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