GNU/Cross Tools RPMs available

Joel Sherrill
Mon Dec 9 15:33:00 GMT 2002


Over the past few years, the RTEMS Project has provided pre-built
toolsets for our target.  I have leveraged this experience and
the build scripts to provide a fairly large set of RPMs for
various cross targets.  I am focusing on the targets that are
not OS dependent and usually have targets of the form CPU-OBJECT_FORMAT.
These are hosted on a GNU/Linux RedHat 7.3 x86. 

The following sources were used with RTEMS Project approved patches:

	+ binutils 2.13.1
	+ gcc 3.2.1
	+ newlib 1.10.0
	+ gdb 5.2

We are provided at least binutils for the following 28 targets:

arc-elf arm-elf arm-wince avr-elf d10v-elf d30v-elf fr30-elf
h8300-coff hppa1.1-proelf i386-elf i960-coff i960-elf
m32r-elf m68hc11-elf m68k-coff m68k-elf mcore-elf
mips64orion-elf mips-elf mn10200-elf mn10300-elf powerpc-eabi
sh-coff sh-elf sh-hms sparc-elf v850-elf xscale-elf

and provide RPMs for everything that would build for
that target (17 gcc targets, and 26 gdb targets).  We 
filed PRs on the problems.  The resulting RPMs 
are available at

The general instructions for installation are to install the
base packages which contain files that are target CPU indepedent
and then the target specific files.  More specifically:

rpm -i gnucross-base-binutils-2.13.1-1.i386.rpm
rpm -i gnucross-base-gcc-gcc3.2.1newlib1.10.0-3.i386.rpm
rpm -i gnucross-base-gdb-5.2-1.i386.rpm

then for each target:

rpm -i TARGET-binutils-2.13.1-1.i386.rpm
rpm -i TARGET-gcc-gcc3.2.1newlib1.10.0-3.i386.rpm
rpm -i TARGET-c++-gcc3.2.1newlib1.10.0-3.i386.rpm
rpm -i TARGET-gdb-5.2-1.i386.rpm

When you are done, you should have a working toolset for
TARGET in /opt/gnucross.  So just add /opt/gnucross/bin to
your PATH.

I am interested in hearing feedback.  Please discuss things
on the crossgcc list.  If things go well with these, we should
be able to provide the same things for Cygwin and Solaris.


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