arm-wince-pe: DLL micro-HOWTO needed

Craig Vanderborgh
Tue Dec 3 17:25:00 GMT 2002

Hello all,

I am working with an arm-wince-pe build of GCC and binutils
(versions 3.2 and 2.13 respectively) and I have been able
to successfully create .exe files on X86 linux that run on my
ARM/wince target (an ipaq 3760).  Many thanks to all who've
helped me get this far!!

I am now to the point where I need to create DLL's for my
ARM/wince target.  Could someone please, if possible, show
a small example of how to do this for the simplest case.  I need
to know what the command line should look like, and what
pitfalls may exist.

craig vanderborgh
voxware incorporated

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