gcc on arm

Kai Ruottu kai.ruottu@luukku.com
Wed Oct 31 09:07:00 GMT 2001

andy@softbook.com wrote:
> Last time I checked ( September) arm was not on the list of architectures supported by gcc 3
> I checked again today ( gcc 3.0.2) and arm is nowhere to be found
> Can someone kindly explain what the heck is going on with gcc on arm ?

 ARM what?  There are many 'arm-something' targets, some are broken some are not...

 The 'arm-elf', 'arm-coff' and 'arm-linux-gnu' should work, but 'arm-wince', 'arm-epoc-pe',
'arm-netbsd' etc. may have difficulties...  Knowing how important the ARM/EPOC target is
(the 'Windows' of the mobile-phones now...), it is really weird how few messages talk about
producing an up-to-date GCC for the target, or has someone seen at least one ?  Anyway this
'most important' target seems to be currently broken and one must be content with the pre-
built SDKs from Symbian with gcc-2.7.2 or something from 1996... (www.epocworld.com)

 So you MUST talk about this target, just as one means Windows when talking only about "GCC
for Pentium" or "GCC for PC"... But mentioning the complete target name is always polite,
although almost all the mobile phones and all the PDAs now use ARM, and the mobile phones
with EPOC as the opsys are the majority... But perhaps a person coming from the Windows-world
knows only the ARMs using the WinCE or PocketPC, and the 'arm-wince' support is also more
than questionable in the GCC sources...

> Or point me to the right source of info ? I'm particularly interested in building a gcc arm
> cross-compiler ( under cygwin or i386 linux)

 If you have Linux available, use it as the build system also for the Cygwin-tools, and you
need not to scratch your head with all the problems coming from the weird Cygwin build-system...

 1. Build a Linux-x-Cygwin cross-toolchain, or download it from somewhere...

 2. Build your 'arm-something' toolchain first for the Linux host (in order to get the
    arm-something tools for compiling the target libs on the build host)

 3. Build your 'arm-something' toolchain for the Cygwin host on the Linux build host
      --build=i686-linux --host=i686-cygwin --target=arm-something

Cheers, Kai

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