working on a z80 port of gcc (target Rex-6000 microPDA)

Michael K. Elwood
Tue Oct 30 09:20:00 GMT 2001

Philip Dye wrote:
> I had hoped to locate step by step notes of a porting experience with the
> reasoning behind the each decision made.  I realize now how difficult that
> is and I am hardly keeping such notes myself at this point.  If this goes
> well, I will find the time to document my experience in some detail.  I
> really would like to establish a minimal set a characteristics and write a
> good introductory tutorial.

Well, there is always the RMS book "Using and Porting GNU CC", which is
available from the FSF and is mirrored at various locations, including DJ
Delorie's site:

and also "Porting the GNU C Compiler for Dummies", which you can get at

Perhaps you would find these helpful.

With best regards,


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