compiling problem

Peter Barada
Mon Oct 29 20:03:00 GMT 2001

>I am currently using MCORE MTCgnu4.0 compiler for one of my projects.
>It is giving compilation errror if I am calling sscanf or sprintf
>function .
>The error is coming like this.

Which command are you using to link, mcore-elf-gcc or mcore-elf-ld?

If you use mcore-elf-ld, you have to specify *all* of the libraries
to the linker, including libgcc.a which is where thee floating point
emulation functions are found.  You can find the path to libgcc.a by
running 'mcore-elf-gcc -v -o hello_world hello_world.c' and from the
dump see what libraries are bing passed to mcore-elf-ld.

Hope this helps...

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