bugfix gdb5.0/insight5.0

Vermeulen Jan Jan.Vermeulen@siemens.atea.be
Mon Oct 29 12:14:00 GMT 2001

Hi Jan

>     for those compiling for target arm-elf, I have a small bugfix at
> compile-time.
> remove: struct tm lt;
> in two functions. (openLog() and closeLog() or something. It are the
> first two functions in the file).
> in file: xxx/xxx5.0/gdb/rdi-share/devsw.c
> Otherwise I got: struct tm : size not known.
> struct tm is declared in the two functions but not called in 
> any way...

Thanks for the bugfix. 
I think that people from the gdb-mailinglist would benefit more from this


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