ARM tool chain & other questions...

Yeong Jiun How
Thu Oct 18 13:45:00 GMT 2001

> > The final question... How stable is the GCC cross compiler when it's been
> > run on a windows machine under cygwin? Has many people developed major
> > projects on it. How did you find it. It looks stable to me but the longest C
> > program i wrote so far using this configuration was 40 lines and it was all
> > completed in one evening. What's the story if it's been used for a couple of
> > weeks or a month or two??
>Use linux, you will save a lot of blood and tears vs windows/cygwin.


We have been using cygwin on Windows NT 4 for a year now and
we do not have any problem at all! There are many helpful people
especially in this mailing list to provide good suggestion to speed
up and to ease the setup of cygwin too!

Thanks for the support all the time!


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