ARM tool chain & other questions...

Aaron J. Grier
Thu Oct 18 11:23:00 GMT 2001

On Wed, Nov 28, 2001 at 09:19:18AM +0000, Paul Doherty wrote:

> My first question is, how do i relocate code in the memory map. I've
> tried changing the ld linker script from 0x8000 to say 0x10000 or
> 0x80000 but this seem to have no effect. Am i on the right track at
> all??? I do remember reading last week on some man/info page that the
> 0x8000 had something to do with the demon debugger. I can't find this
> info now...

that's the normal way to do it...  it's possible the linker script you
think you're running isn't getting run, though.  there's some linker
flags (--trace and --verbose immediately come to mind) you can either
pass directly to ld or via -Wl,--trace,--verbose if you're having gcc
invoke ld to find out exactly what's going on.

> Sceond question. I have a bare board. I don't need any RTOS at the
> moment, i with try and get ecos working later but not yet. Is elf the
> correct file format to start with?

that's completely up to you.

> By any chance is there an elf to intel hex translator available on the
> net?

objcopy.  documentation will be in the binutils info pages.

> I know it's bad but old habbits die hard... ;-D   Is the elf file
> format complicated?? Would it be as easy to download straight from
> it???

elf is complicated compared to some other object file formats, but it's
easy enough to translate into other object formats with objcopy.

> The final question... How stable is the GCC cross compiler when it's
> been run on a windows machine under cygwin? Has many people developed
> major projects on it. How did you find it. It looks stable to me but
> the longest C program i wrote so far using this configuration was 40
> lines and it was all completed in one evening. What's the story if
> it's been used for a couple of weeks or a month or two??

gcc is as stable as what's sitting underneath it.  I had to give up
windows for one of my developers due to the hassles of dealing with
windows and cygwin-isms, not because of any problems with gcc.  the
windows problems I ran into (lack of case sensitivity, badly handled
symlinks, file.exe == file) might not even be applicable to you.

certainly cygwin doesn't self-destruct or anything like that.

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