Newlib-1.9.0 doesn't build for PPC (target libsim.a)

Bertin, Philippe
Wed Oct 17 22:22:00 GMT 2001

	Hi Kai, Hi all, 

> I would suspect the used 'make'...
>  Basically you should get the 'fstat.o' etc. into your libs. Their sources
> are in the main 'libgloss' source directory and the produced Makefile
> should
> take them and compile them into the build 'libgloss/rs6000' directory. But
> somehow it didn't work...
>  My advice would be to track the build by verbosely following what the
> 'make'
> does ('-d') or get a log-file... Or try the GNU make (probably prebuilt in
> ''), if now using the native 'make'.
	The used make is the GNU make indeed ... 

>  Sometimes the result, for instance: "getting newlib-1.9 binaries, built
> for
> 'powerpc-eabi'", is more important than the method "getting newlib-1.9
> binaries,
> built for 'powerpc-eabi', on a specific host", sometimes not...
	In the meantime, the libraries have been built (see further) (thanks
to Randy, who contacted me outside the newsgroup). It came to : untar the
1.9.0- tarball, mkdir <new-newlibname>, chdir <new-newlibname>, run
../newlib-1.9.0/configure <with usual options>, and make all install (still
being in directory <new-newlibname>).  

	--> this is IMHO an error in the configure script/generated
Makefile, isn't it ? The Makefiles differed by VPATH=. (in the wrong case)
becoming VPATH=../newlib-1.9.0 (in the case in which it works fine). I think
I should report this as an error.

	Still (I really didn't do very much else this week  :-)  I can't
compile the complete gcc now ... Also Randy still has problems with linking
his application (maybe because the newlib- build wasn't correct anyway,
after all ?). I'll keep you (or was it me ? :-) informed ...


	Philippe Bertin.

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