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[rocko snipped from Cc: line because this isn't really addressing his
 particular problem any more]

>However, the fact that everybody has been using ELF almost
>exclusively for the last 5 years or so should not prevent
>you of building an a.out system.

  "Should not" and "Does not" are two very different things.  During
those 5 years, people have been working on the code, mostly on the 
assumption that all-the-world's-an-ELF.  Many will not have tested their
code to be sure it doesn't break old features that supported aout.  There
is a term "bitrot": old, unmaintained software does stop working with

>Sorry, I was being terse. However, I would advice against
>uCLibc if you are a newcomer to Linux development. Get your
>system running with Glibc, because it's the mainstream,
>well-supported method, and then move to uCLibc if you need
>to (uCLibc might be easy to use for those that have been
>involved in it for months, but I failed miserably to use it
>efficiently a couple of times already).

  Thanks, you have the experience in this field that I do not, I'm sure
your advice is good.

>Another alternative is dietlibc, I found it is easier to set
>up than uCLibc (it's not as fancy, it only does static
>linking) and gives pretty good results.

  Thanks again, I forgot that name!

>I guess if you're really into doing small things, you can
>even skip using a library at all, and write the entry codes
>and syscalls by hand. I'd advise against that tho :-)

  Heh, it kind of defeats the point of having an OS if you then reinvent
all the wheels for yourself!

>Oh, that's interesting... I haven't had a look at newlib for
>more than a year I think, so things might have happened
>meanwhile, you're right! Although again, I'd say get it
>working with Glibc and then move to something else when you
>have the confidence it works...

  Yeh, I don't know how well it does or doesn't work; glibc and YDL is
the only combination I've ever had to build, and I didn't run into enough
problems to have to look any further deeply into it.

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