Testing an application build with H8300 cross compiler

Mahadev K Cholachagudda mahadev_kc@yahoo.com
Wed Oct 17 09:40:00 GMT 2001


>>Further I have another question.  I have hitachi board with ram 32k
>>and when I build my application with a small os-kernel, the
>>resulting srec file became around 33k.  Now my question is, is the
>>size of srec file(33k) is the true size or does it contain extra
>>symbols which are not loaded to the target and actual size may be
>>less than 33k.  If the above is true i.e. srec file contatin extra
>>symbols then how can I find the actual size of a srec file.  any
>>help in this regard

In order to find out how much memory that an application consumes,
one can look at the map file generated for the application.
The map file will give the memory size that is allocated to each 
section (.txt, .bss, .data etc ). When the amount of the sections
represented in map file, we could get the size of an application.

The gnu linker has switches that will generate the map file.

Hope this might help.

with rgds,

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