"powerpc-elf-ar : not found" and "libgcc2.a" problem (target 'mak e all' or 'make all-gcc')

David Korn dkorn@pixelpower.com
Mon Oct 15 14:42:00 GMT 2001

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>From: Bertin, Philippe [mailto:philippe.bertin@barco.com]
>Sent: 20 November 2001 10:37

>Thanks for the response. Yes, Dave, I unpatched the (undocumented) patches,
>so the libiberty- c- files are in their original state again. I recompiled
>all again, making me -fully expectedly- tumble into the mentioned problem.
>Recompiling made me notice that it is the second pass that's failing indeed
>(making me realize, according to what you mention, that I'm not too far
>anymore of building the complete gcc).

  Indeed.  What you have at this stage is what's referred to in Bill's
FAQ as the "core" compiler: capable of compiling plain .o files, but not
complete enough to build an entire application, owing to the lack of a C
runtime library.  This is the program called 'xgcc', and the other exes
in the build directory at this stage.

>So this means it's not such a big problem if this make (i.e., in libiberty)
>would be skipped, is it ? (as the system would be a bare PPC-board, or does
>this again have nothing to do with it ?).

  Yep, indeed, you could just skip over the libiberty-for-target build, it
is not essential.  However you do need to have some kind of C runtime 
library and startup files for your board before the compiler can finish
building itself.  Are you using newlib ?

> But now, consequently, remains the problem(, Dave ?), on how I should
> continue ?

  Well I hate to say you should go and have to download another huge file,
but really... you should go and download the 2.95.3 version, which IMO is
the stablest, least buggy, most complete and correct version of gcc so far.
(I run screaming into the distance when gcc 3 is mentioned!)

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