"powerpc-elf-ar : not found" and "libgcc2.a" problem (target 'mak e all' or 'make all-gcc')

David Korn dkorn@pixelpower.com
Mon Oct 15 07:44:00 GMT 2001

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> What's exactly is libiberty doing ? Is it a necessary part of
>the cross-compiler ?

  Yes, it is.  Libiberty supplies various utility functions that don't
exist or vary in implementation details across different systems; it has
been ported to many host systems, so it is used to make the compiler code
compatible across all those systems.

  It is compiled twice during the overall cross-compiler build, once to
be linked as part of the cross-compiler itself, then later it is rebuilt
with the nearly-completed cross-compiler so as to be available as a lib
for the cross-programs you write.  This second build is non-essential,
but the first is vital.

>Keeps on being stuck somewhat further now, though : now doesn't find
>stdio.h in libiberty subdir  :(

>Could this have something to do with the patch I already had to implement
>(also didn't find stdio.h in 2 files before 

  Unpatch whatever changes you made, they almost certainly aren't 
necessary.  Are you aware of the necessity of supplying header files
appropriate to the C runtime lib you will be using with this cross-compiler
during the build stage ?  What kind of system do you actually want to
work with, a bare ppc board or something with some kind of OS ?

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