error building linux --> mingw32 C++ cross-compiler

Matt Sykes
Thu Oct 11 07:48:00 GMT 2001

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> I believe you need to apply patches to the gcc
> source in order to build a 
> "good" Mingw32 targetted cross compiler.  You can
> get more info on that at 
>  You can get a script to build
> a working Mingw32 
> targetted cross toolchain here: 
> Currently, gcc-2.95.3 is the latest version of gcc
> that is supported.  I'm 
> sure patches for the gcc-3.0 source tree are in the
> works....
> Peace.....
> Tom
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>         Subject:        error building linux -->
> mingw32 C++ cross-compiler
> For several months I've been tying to build a
> linux-->mingw32 C++ cross-compiler. 
> My build/host machine is gcc-2.96 (RH 7.1).  I am
> trying to build cross-versions of binutils-2.11 and
> gcc-3.0.2 (binutils appears to have worked).
> I've gotten the same errors building gcc-2.96,
> gcc-3.0.1, and now for gcc-3.0.2.
> The errors come when building libstdc++.


Hey thanks, that worked great.  I was even able
to build an i686-mingw32 compiler (though I doubt 
it really does much Pentium II optimisations, if
at all).


1.  Why aren't these patches applied to the 2.95.3 CVS

2.  It was unclear that such patches were even needed;
there are many docs floating around the net which say
that ./configure with the proper parameters is
sufficient to build a cross mingw compiler (along with
headers and run-time libraries).  Too bad there so
much incorrect and/or old info on the net.

3.  It would have been impossible to find the above
link on mingw cross-compiling without the advice of
this mailing list.  Since this link contains, to my
knowledge, the only working method on building
a cross mingw compiler, could we put it in the FAQ?

Thanks again,


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