Installing a cross compiler

J-C Louis
Tue Oct 30 09:03:00 GMT 2001

Jean-Sebastien Trottier a écrit :

> First, you need the content of /usr/include and /usr/lib from a
> solaris2.8 system. These are not completely compatible with gcc's and
> newlib's headers you'll need to do some modifications and it might get
> pretty confusing.

Thank you for your reply.
Where are you find the content of /usr/include and /usr/lib from solaris?
You have the files "sparc-sun-solaris2.8.lib.ta.bz2" and "sparc-sun-
solaris2.8.include.tar.bz2" in your script but I would know where
are you find these files

> I made a pretty neat makefile to automatically build all my
> cross-compilers, attached is the output of 'make
> TARGET=sparc-sun-solaris2.8 cross -n'... you can use it as a template.
> There's a lot of options you won't necessarily need though.
> I also suggest you don't use RedHat's gcc 2.96 (it's a highly patched
> pre-release of gcc 3)... you should first build a native 2.95.3
> bootstrap gcc.

Yes, I don't use gcc 2.96. I try to make a cross-compiler with a
3.0.1 gcc version but the compilation failed too.
I think the 2.95.3 is the latest stable version.

> Also, I could never get the posix/solaris threads working correctly with
> the headers I got. So I use --enable-threads=single since I don't need
> them anyway for my own compiles.
> Hope this help...
> I don't really have time to be more elaborate but I'm sure it'll give
> you a head start.

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