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M. R. Brown
Mon Oct 29 03:15:00 GMT 2001

* David Dudley <> on Sun, Oct 28, 2001:

> I'm kinda new to building a cross compiler......
> I'm working on an Intel linux box, with gcc 2.95.3.  I need to build a cross 
> compiler for a Sparc, which will run on this box.
> I'm trying to configure a sparc-elf compiler.  I used
> "configure --prefix=/opt/cross --target=sparc-elf --host=i586-pc-linux-gnu 
> --build=i586-pc-linux-gnu sparc-elf"
> to configure this, which all seemed to work, OK.
> When I do a "make all" for it, things go good for probably about an hour.
> Finally, I will get down to a point where its trying to generate a libF2c 
> library, I assumed for the target machine.  When it does this, though, it 
> attempts to use the xgcc compiler that it was in  the process of building, 
> and then tries to execute code that was produced by that compiler......
> Thats not ging to work when it trys to run Sparc code on an Intel box.
> Continueing on, it then moves to boerm-gc, and trys to build that, using the 
> xgcc compiler, as well.  Is the boerm-gc module used by the target system, as 
> a function that is linked in?  I assumed that it was only for the host 
> system, which is Intel.

First things first, make sure you read the CrossGCC FAQ (Bill Gatliff's
semi-complete version) at .

Do you need Fortran and Java support on the Sparc?  If not, add
'--enable-languages="c,c++"' (without the single quotes) to your original
configure command to build just the C and C++ compilers.

I believe boehm-gc is a garbage collector for Java, so it would be used for
the target system.

M. R.
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