Program Relocation

Dennis Tubbs
Wed Oct 24 11:37:00 GMT 2001


In the past I have created applications which are downloaded to an embedded 
processor with S records and the applications are immediately put into RAM 
and executed.  Recently I was forced to find a new embedded computer to run 
the applications on.  Enough on the background.

The new board has flash memory available.  To eliminate the process of 
downloading a program everytime the board is powered up I would like to 
store the program in flash and copy it to ram for execution (I need every 
bit of speed I can get).  My initial thought was to save the S records in 
flash and then extract the program to ram but as I was going though the 
linker documentation I saw the 'AT' keyword and thought it might allow me to 
link a program to be initially stored in one location (flash) and then later 
relocated to another (ram) for execution.

The restrictions are I must use S records to get the program and there is no 
operating system the application runs on.

Am I thinking correctly on this or have I completely missed the boat?


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