gcc 3.0 cross compiler Linux IA32 -> Win32 Intel (cygwinor anything)

Reinhard JESSICH Reinhard.JESSICH@frequentis.com
Mon Oct 22 23:35:00 GMT 2001

>>> Simon Brenner <simon.brenner@home.se> 10/22/01 07:40pm >>>
> I would like to make a gcc 3.x cross compiler for Win32 on an Intel Linux host.
> I looked at the mingw cross compilation script (the link was in a previous post), but it seemed that it only
> worked for making gcc 2.x.
Yes, thats true. I had no time to make the script for gcc 3.x.

> Clarification: it is the cross compiler I want to be version 3.0, I already have a working native gcc 3.
For the mingw gcc 3.x you need patches

> I would be happy to get some pointers... (Or a complete step-by-step guide for the dummy I am  [;-)] 
I think you can use the steps, done in my script. First binutils, then gcc without libs, ... .
But you need patches and there can be other problems. You will see.

Go to http://www.mingw.org/lists.shtml and then to MinGW-dvlpr list archives.
You will find there a thread about mingw-gcc 3.0 (I think in July or August) and some mails later.
AFAIR, there are problems with C++.

I hope this helps.


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