arm-aout vs arm-elf

David Korn
Fri Oct 19 09:38:00 GMT 2001

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>> to be able to display the values correctly, I would guess 
>that someone has
>> improved gcc to output liveness/register info for the prolog 
>as well as the
>> function, so that as you enter the prolog it knows the 
>incoming args are
>> in the regs, and after the stack frame is created it knows 
>they are there.
>No, 301 does not make changes in prologue code

  I didn't say it did: 'liveness/register info' is debug info *about* the
prologue, not the actual prologue code itself.

> it simply accociates
>the first operator of the function with the first line number
>of the function - so you have the best of two words:
>(1) First line of function corresponds to the function entry address

  OK, but...

>(2) gdb (its arm_skip_prologure() function ) is able to find the end of
>    prologue correctly.

 ...whereas previously the first line of the function corresponded to
the first instruction after the prologue, and gdb didn't have to skip
anything, how can GDB work with debug info that *does* need skipping over
the prologue and yet you say it has not changed its behaviour?

>(3) Hence, parameters a printed correctly.

  Therefore I don't think this statement...

>No, it is not related to the version of gdb.

...and this one can both be correct.

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