Powerpc-eabi, bootstrap compilers...

Yves Rutschle y.rutschle@indigovision.com
Fri Oct 19 05:26:00 GMT 2001

>   Given the ever-decreasing cost of both RAM and disk storage and the ever-
> increasing presence of broadband connections these days, the cost-benefit
> ratio of smaller files as against all this grief and potential reinstall-
> from-a-system-disk-ness the dynamic linking causes has IMO shifted so far as
> to make dynamic linking a total albatross.  I'm sticking with static.  I
> don't really understand why there is a trend toward increasing amounts of
> dynamic linking (e.g. libgcc) in the direction gcc development is taking.

Well, using Glibc the smallest static executables (think ln,
ls, cat, that sort of things) average 240K instead of +-
20K, so my /usr/bin would suddenly grow from 350Mb or so...
How many executables are there on an average system? :-)

Now, maybe the real problem is the bloat in Glibc, but then
the Glibc people will tell you that it's not a real problem
considering space is so cheap *and* it's shared... ack.


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