Powerpc-eabi, bootstrap compilers...

M. R. Brown mrbrown@0xd6.org
Fri Oct 19 04:18:00 GMT 2001

* David Korn <dkorn@pixelpower.com> on Fri, Oct 19, 2001:

>   That's good advice for pretty much everything: /usr is your base 
> installation, if you never touch it and always work in /usr/local, and have
> /usr/local nearer the front of your various paths and lib settings, then no
> matter how much damage you do you've always got a working system to fall
> back on by just removing /usr/local from the paths; one of the downsides of
> dynamic linking is that if you break your dynamically-linked libc, all of
> a sudden none of your OS commands will load and link, so you can't run any
> commands to try and fix the problem....

That's why distributions should ship with static root ...

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