Moving glibc and

Rodney Smith
Thu Oct 18 15:40:00 GMT 2001

Is there a correct way to build the toolchain to allow the runtime libs 
(glibc) to be relocated to '/lib'?

I'm getting runtime errors with a bad search path (/opt...) when I try to run 
something with glibc. I created the cross-compiler toolchain with 
'-prefix=/opt[...]' (with the libs underneath that), but at runtime on the 
embedded machine I want to put the libs in the usual directory '/lib'. I'm 
finding that most of the libs are linked to '/opt/.../' when I'd 
like them to be '/lib/'. Is there a way to configure glibc to 
install to '/opt/[...]' but be ready to run at '/lib'?

-Rodney Smith
DoIT Technology

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