Cross compile error question: i686 to powerpc--linux-gnu

William A. Gatliff
Thu Oct 18 10:18:00 GMT 2001


> So, my base question is, can I set come configuration options to get gcc to
> compile and behave as a bare-bones, text-in/text-out compiler that generates
> target assembly code?  Then, can I also get a linker that makes me have to
> specify what I need in order to link?

Sure, just build binutils per the usual procedure (see for a general guide, if you need
that), and build just xgcc--- the bootstrap compiler (the "make
all-gcc install-gcc" target).  At that point, I think you've got what
you're looking for.

Compile with -c or -S, link with a ton of options including the name
of the linker command file.  Presto?

Bill Gatliff

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