Cross compile error question: i686 to powerpc--linux-gnu

David Korn
Thu Oct 18 08:10:00 GMT 2001

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>From: Peter Barada [ ]

>Ten I see that it is trying to find crt0.o, libgcc.a from lib/crt0.o
>which is *NOT* what I'd expect.  Is there anyway to specify more than
>one '-m' selector to gcc?

  The information you're looking for is all covered in "Using and porting
the GCC compiler : [Makefile] Framents : The Target Makefile Fragment"

  In your case, the m68k-elf compiler uses the file config/m68k/t-m68kelf.

MULTILIB_OPTIONS = m68000/m68020/m5200/mcpu32 m68881/msoft-float
MULTILIB_MATCHES = m68000=mc68000 m68000=m68302 mcpu32=m68332 m68020=mc68020
m68020=m68040 m68020=m68060
MULTILIB_EXCEPTIONS = m68000/msoft-float m5200/m68881 m5200/msoft-float
mcpu32/m68881 mcpu32/msoft-float

>m68k-elf-gcc -o test test.c -m5200
>m68k-elf-gcc -o test test.c -msoft-float
>m68k-elf-gcc -o test test.c -msoft-float -m5200

  Seems like m5200 and msoft-float is regarded as an illegal combination,
although I have no idea why; perhaps the soft-float routines use some
assembler ops that don't exist in that core, and nobody had time to fix
it, so the combination was forbidden.  Grepping the changelogs for
't-m68kelf' might give you some leads.

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