Cross compile error question: i686 to powerpc--linux-gnu

M. R. Brown
Wed Oct 17 20:11:00 GMT 2001

* William A. Gatliff <> on Wed, Oct 17, 2001:

> Oooh, let's constrain ourselves to the 2.95.x series, ok?  I'm still
> reeling with the differences in 3.x...  :^)

As far as libgcc is conerned, I think the only major change is the ability to
build a shared libgcc.

> I think I'm correct in saying that the "all-gcc" target stops before
> building libiberty, but after building libgcc, no?

Yes, it's best to think of libgcc as being part of the C compiler proper,
but like you stated earlier, it's possible to compile source files even
without libgcc being available (usually system software does this).  It's
even possible to link applications w/out libgcc, as long as your code
doesn't invoke any intrinsics (and that can be pretty difficult to arrange

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