Cross compile error question: i686 to powerpc--linux-gnu

William A. Gatliff
Wed Oct 17 12:35:00 GMT 2001


> Wait...what undefined references?  I wrote the small sample program
> below with NO external headers, and the linker choked...
> int main (int x, int y)
> {
>     int sum;
>     int z = 9;
>     sum = x + y;
>     return sum;
> }
> What can't it find?  I would assume that it's looking for some link
> info on how to lay out the memory, but it LOOKS to me like the PPC
> assembly code is being generated correctly.  Is this where I could
> run the linker manually (not with gcc -o, which is what I tried) and
> get through?  Or is it more likely because the newlib stuff is wrong
> for my target?

Try this:

$ <target>-gcc -c foo.c
$ <target>-objdump --disassemble foo.o

Or use the -S option to gcc, and look at the asm.

One of the things you'll see is gcc inserting a call to something like
__main() before it runs the first line of main().  This is where most
machines do their C environment setup (zeroing out bss, etc.).

> And, on Bill Gatliff's page, he refers to problems building the
> libiberty when building powerpc-eabi...will I still hit final
> compile issues there?

Yea, but a minor one.  You just have to run make one more time, with
some flags.  Trivial stuff, and very reliable.

Bill Gatliff

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