Can't build gcc-3.0.1 for m68k-coff

Carl Miller
Wed Oct 17 11:44:00 GMT 2001

Larry asks:
> Is it normal to have a complete toolset (binutil, gcc, newlib) for each 
> board, even if they use the same cpu?

You shouldn't need to.  Where I work, we've got six different boards all
running various instances of a family of CPUs with the same ARM7TDMI core
in them.  The CPUs differ slightly in clock speed, cache, and peripherals,
and the boards differ in location and size of RAM, flash, and off-chip
peripherals.  But we compile code for all six boards using the same build
of gcc and binutils.  We just have a separate linker command file for each
board that spells out the details and quirks of that board to ld.  It's
just a matter of using -Wl,-T,<linkerfile> at link time to make sure ld
targets the right board.

> We have one toolset, and change the 
> specs file for the appropriate linker script and library for our different 
> boards.

Yes, with a little clever configuration, you should be able to do just that.

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