cross-compiler for PICmicros

Kai Ruottu
Tue Oct 16 04:30:00 GMT 2001

"Curt Mills, WE7U" wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Oct 2001, Jesus Ferrandis wrote:
> > I have to do a C compiler for PICmicros.
> Not a very educated opinion here, but it can be done.
> There's a port for a 68HC11 compiler that works,

 I'm aware of TWO GCC-ports for m68hc11/12, the second
having support for m68hc16 too...

e:\usr\local\samples>gcc-m68hc16-coff -v
Reading specs from e:\usr\local\lib\gcc-lib\m68hc16-coff\2_95.3-1\specs
gcc version 2.95.3-1 20010315 (release)

 The Stephane Carrez one uses ELF, the another, Real-Time Systems ? one
uses COFF...

> and ports for Z80 as well.

 Never heard... The SDCC-("Small Device C Compiler"?) project has '8051'
and 'z80' ports, but it isn't GCC... Haven't checked LCC from Princeton
lately either -- a claim about it being better for 8/16-bitters has been
done there... Whether the 'GBDK-2.0' ("GameBoy DK") which used 'LCC' is
the father of the SDCC is unclear...

 BTW, there is a port of GCC for STMicroelectronics ST9, "GCC9" via:

Anyone aware where to find patches against a plain vanilla GCC-release
for this port?  Or if it seems that this 'commercial release' doesn't
agree with the GNU-license, are there any legal actions going on to get
this port 'opened'?

Cheers, Kai

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