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David Korn
Thu Oct 11 07:48:00 GMT 2001

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>Also, I haven't checked in a while, but doesn't even the native
>compiler have a target name applied by default?  If so, that would
>protect you even in the native case.

  Nope, that's why CC=gcc works in generic *nix makefiles to select
the native compiler.

>Yea, that's exactly why I don't work as root--- I need someone to take
>care of me.  I can be a real idiot sometimes!

  But no kind of file access control in the world will prevent your files
being deleted if your house catches fire.

  I think it is a necessity to behave as if losing files or disks was a 100%
guaranteed certainty that will one day need to be dealt with and recovered
from, rather than a danger which you might perhaps manage to avoid.  IOW,
backups are the only real answer.

  As an interesting aside, I first had a computer with hard drive in 1992
when I got an A1200.  I didn't back it up, and I got away with it until 
around October '99, when I replaced it with a modern, brand new and larger
HD.  Which then died catastrophically within 6 months.  (There's no sound
in the world quite as hideous as the noise made by a ball bearing in the
HD motor shattering into shrapnel, the graunching noise as it tries to keep
spinning the platter and succeeds mostly in scattering shards of ballbearing
around the inside of the HD still haunts my nightmares).

  Fortunately by that stage I had a backup: my old drive!  Since then, I've
had another nearly-new HD fail catastrophically on me.  I'm now convinced
that reliability has come down as prices have dropped and manufacturing
rates have ramped up, and that modern cheap IDE HDs should be regarded as
not safe unless backed-up.

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