installing a cross compiler

William A. Gatliff
Thu Oct 11 07:37:00 GMT 2001


>   That's why I made a specific point of mentioning libc.a, but.....
> >The default gcc search path is generally on the order of
> >${PREFIX}/${TARGET}/include and ${PREFIX}/${TARGET}/lib.
>   D'oh, of course, that's why it won't matter.  I'd want to double check
> that there isn't any special case config code that recognizes --prefix=/usr
> and tweaks the paths based on the (maybe implicit and unintended) assumption
> that we're building a native rather than cross compiler, but assuming the
> config code is bug free (...!) then it should be absolutely fine for a 
> cross compiler, and only dangerous for a native compiler.

Right.  I failed to consider that case--- the configure script trying
to think for the user.

Also, I haven't checked in a while, but doesn't even the native
compiler have a target name applied by default?  If so, that would
protect you even in the native case.

>   Heh, FWIW, I always work as root or admin because I like living
> dangerously.  Well, because I grew up on single user home PCs like the
> CBM64 and Amiga series and so I've always been used to the notion that
> there's nothing to protect you from yourself except taking lots of care.

Yea, that's exactly why I don't work as root--- I need someone to take
care of me.  I can be a real idiot sometimes!

Bill Gatliff

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