installing a cross compiler

David Korn
Thu Oct 11 06:40:00 GMT 2001

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>Sent: 11 October 2001 14:31

>> First, I configure and build binutils :
>>     configure --target=sparc-sun-solaris2.7 --prefix=/usr
>>     make all install
>This is probably ok, but I STRONGLY discourage your using /usr as your
>prefix.  It's all too easy to screw things up when working as the root
>user.  Instead, work as a normal user, and use a prefix that you have
>permission to write to (a subdirectory of your home directory, for

  Actually, isn't it probably-ok-but-highly-dangerous when you're
recompiling your native compiler, but pretty much suicidal when making
a cross compiler?  It's either going to try and use the native libs and
headers for the crosscompiler, or much more frighteningly, it may end
up overwriting your native libc with the one for the cross compile; if
you're on a dynamic linking system like linux, that could leave you in
a oops-time-to-get-the-backups-and-bootdisks-out-and-reinstall situation.

  It might not be as bad as that owing to versioning and stuff that might
mean you didn't overwrite your vital system library, but I'm starting to
wonder if gcc's config file shouldn't forbid --prefix=/usr?  That would
make life more difficult for system builders I suppose who want to set up
a native compiler in /usr for their install images.

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