autoconf and cross-compiling pain

Erik Walthinsen
Tue Oct 9 01:05:00 GMT 2001

(if this should go to an autoconf or automake list instead, please tell me)

I'm trying to get glib-2.0 (GNOME stuff) to cross-compile from x86 to arm
running glibc-2.1.  Ignoring the problems I'm having building a toolchain
(more later), I'm having a very difficult time build cross-configuring

First round of problems were the usual set of tests that were not
cross-configure safe that were fairly easily solved, including lots of
sizeof checks, checking for va_copy and/or __va_copy, and other stuff that
needed defaults.

Then we have the checks glib performs to determine the thread library to
use.  This was made much more difficult simply by the general structure of
all the checks, but I managed to mostly work through them, except for a
check for the size of pthread_t (because the type name is set in a
variable that I can't pass to the SIZEOF macro) and the *byte* contents of

Now that configure produces a reasonably sane config.h and config.status,
I'm hitting the problem that I need help with right now: glib-genmarshal
is a tool that's generated by the build process, is installed, and is used
by the build process itself.  It build the arm-specific version just fine,
but has a cow when trying to use it to build some further files.

I've searched high and low for actual code to back up the fabled
$CC_FOR_TARGET / $HOST_CC, but haven't found anything relevant.  This
makes it difficult to generate a build-host usable version to generate the
necessary files in the first place.

Then there's the question of how to deal with the fact that this tool is
also supposed to be installed and supposedly available on the target
machine.  I guess there's a question of whether the tool should even be
built for the target, since this is going to be installed in a cross-tools
environment anyway, and the target is quite embedded...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Again, if I should be asking the
autoconf or automake lists instead, please let me know.


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