Linking Problem..

Larry Gray
Fri Oct 5 05:28:00 GMT 2001

On Friday 05 October 2001 07:15, Surya Prakash wrote:
> Larry Gray wrote:
> > You never mentioned what board you're using. Does the board have a
> > monitor program, such as CPU32BUG? If so, you can use a modified bcc.ld
> > and libbcc.a. These files should be installed in /usr/local/m68k-coff/lib
> > with specific versions in subdirectories m5200, m68000, mcpu32, and
> > msoft-float. If you don't have a monitor program (bare board), then
> > you'll have to write a new crt0.S with initialization code, and atleast
> > an inbyte and outbyte routine if you want I/O. If I/O is not needed you
> > can use libnosys.a.
> Actually we are trying to port redboot onto our Firewall board having
> M68360 Micro-controller.
> We do have a ROM Monitor program for the board.  How to modity bcc.ld and
> libbcc.a files ?
> I am struk with that parse error.
> Regards
> Surya
	The document "Embed with GNU" explains most of this, it should be located in 
/<where your newlib source is>/newlib-1.8.2/libgloss/doc/ We 
initially run all programs out of RAM, then burn them in EPROM or flash. To 
do this you'll need two linker scripts, and two crt0.S files. The bcc.ld is a 
good starting point for running from RAM. All that should need changed is the 
MEMORY section and stack pointer. Just set them to match the memory map of 
your monitor program. If your monitor program does all the initialization, 
you can use the default crt0.S file, otherwise you'll have to add your 
initialization code. For the library, if your monitor provides traps to an 
inbyte and outbyte routine, just modify cpu32bug.S with the calls appropriate 
for your monitor. Otherwise, write an inbyte and outbyte function, modify the so they get compiled, and recompile and install newlib. 

Hope this Helps,
Larry Gray

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