Linking Problem..

Surya Prakash
Fri Oct 5 04:10:00 GMT 2001

Larry Gray wrote:

> You never mentioned what board you're using. Does the board have a
> monitor program, such as CPU32BUG? If so, you can use a modified bcc.ld and
> libbcc.a. These files should be installed in /usr/local/m68k-coff/lib with
> specific versions in subdirectories m5200, m68000, mcpu32, and msoft-float.
> If you don't have a monitor program (bare board), then you'll have to write a
> new crt0.S with initialization code, and atleast an inbyte and outbyte
> routine if you want I/O. If I/O is not needed you can use libnosys.a.

Actually we are trying to port redboot onto our Firewall board having M68360
We do have a ROM Monitor program for the board.  How to modity bcc.ld and
libbcc.a files ?
I am struk with that parse error.


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