ARM-Thumb support?

Wai-Sun Chia
Wed Oct 3 19:02:00 GMT 2001

Currently I have built a toolchain based on gcc-2.95.4 (CVS snapshot) 
for the arm-linux target, and everything seems to be working fine and 
dandy on my StrongARM SA-1110 board.

Now I'm getting another board, the Atmel AT91EB40 which is based on the 
ARM7TDMI core; i.e. Thumb-based.

So my question is:
Can my currrent arm-linux based cross-gcc work for Thumb-based boards?
Or do I need to build another cross-gcc; perhaps gcc-3.0.1 for better 
Thumb support?


Wai-Sun "Squidster" Chia
RHCE/Professional Services
Linux/Unix/Web Developer

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