exception handling

Abhilash R rabhilash@tataelxsi.co.in
Sun Nov 11 22:24:00 GMT 2001

We are using GNU C compiler in one of our project. The microcontroller
on our target board is MMC2107.  However we are facing some problem
during interrupt handling. I am using vectored fast interrupt. FVE bit
is set. edge port interrupt is also enabled. Vector table has the
correct branch address to my Interrupt subroutine.
I came to know this by generating the mapfile using GNU
compiler. This mapfile has the start address of all the modules in my
code. I hav assigned the highest priority level to my interrupt.
However, after executing multiple interrupts, i am getting unrecoverable
error /breakpoint
exception from the processor. Can anybody tell me more abt this
exception &
why it occurs. Also i want to know if i have to save the status of
Control registers after entering & before leaving the ISR's.
Please reply at the earliest,

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