ARM tool chain & other questions...

Paul Doherty
Thu Nov 22 05:23:00 GMT 2001

Hi guys & gals,

i've a couple\three questions on the arm gcc cross-compilier. i've built the 
gcc tool chain for arm-thumb-elf and it works well. I've been messing around 
with GDB and the simulator, writing simple programs to get the hang of it. I 
lack a great deal of knowledge in this field as i come from a background of 
8052, 6800, HC11 & 68002 assemble programming (mostly 8052).

My first question is, how do i relocate code in the memory map. I've tried 
changing the ld linker script from 0x8000 to say 0x10000 or 0x80000 but this 
seem to have no effect. Am i on the right track at all??? I do remember 
reading last week on some man/info page that the 0x8000 had something to do 
with the demon debugger. I can't find this info now...

I'm using this mini project as a tutoiral in ARM(GCC) development to get me 
up to speed on the basics.
Sceond question. I have a bare board. I don't need any RTOS at the moment, i 
with try and get ecos working later but not yet. Is elf the correct file 
format to start with?

I plan to start writing a downloader now soon that will take data (A 
program) of the ARM serial port and save it to memory. By any chance is 
there an elf to intel hex translator available on the net? I know it's bad 
but old habbits die hard... ;-D   Is the elf file format complicated?? Would 
it be as easy to download straight from it???

The final question... How stable is the GCC cross compiler when it's been 
run on a windows machine under cygwin? Has many people developed major 
projects on it. How did you find it. It looks stable to me but the longest C 
program i wrote so far using this configuration was 40 lines and it was all 
completed in one evening. What's the story if it's been used for a couple of 
weeks or a month or two??

Thanks in advance for all the help....


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