arm-elf-ld cannot handle symbols?

Renato Levy
Wed Nov 21 12:44:00 GMT 2001

As part of my research I have to allocate common variables (from bss) on 
specific addresses. I have tried to do this by using a linkscrip (-T 
option) in which each of the symbols were been set to their adresses
such as:

vect2 =  0X6027740 ;
vect3 =  0X6027100 ;
matr1 =  0X6009c40 ;
matr2 =  0X6000000 ;
matr3 =  0X6013880 ;

According weith the GNU documentation that should be valid syntax for a 
script, but the loader complains of the syntax.

What am I missing? Considering I can only allocate at link time (the source 
code cannot be modified) is there any other way to do it?

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