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>> "i386-linux-aout"? First of all, do I have the correct target?
>I think so.

<removes clown hat for a minute>

  I'm surprised to hear that there's any such thing as an a.out-based Linux,
Linux is not my speciality but I thought all Linux used ELF ?

>> Yes, I want to use newlib because I have an embedded
>> target and I've followed Bill's directions. I've tried to
>> build on a Linux host machine with both the 2.4.x kernel -
>> could the kernel version be a factor?
>Wrong. Linux uses Glibc, regardless of where you put your
>Linux system in the end.

  That doesn't have to be true.  There is a system called ucLinux that
uses it's own cutdown library, similar in nature to newlib.  Search the list
archives; it seems that most people find it an easier choice for embedded
linux than either the overhead of glibc or the problems in getting newlib
to work for Linux.

> The equation "newlib==embedded" is
>wrong; newlib is a C library that throws out most of the
>bloat of Glibc, and is designed to work with no operating
>system, so it makes it arguably suitable for embedded.

  Well it doesn't just throw out bloat: it also throws out a lot of
functionality related to dynamic linking and virtual memory IIUIC.  Newlib
does have some support for Linux these days according to posts I've seen
on this list earlier, but I don't recall anyone actually saying they'd 
been using it that way on this list.

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