malloc problem with H830

Shrinivas Atre
Tue Nov 20 03:28:00 GMT 2001

1. To remove your undefined reference errors, try linking libgcc.a after
libc.a. ( Try -lc -lgcc -lc ).
2. The error "region mem is full (test.srec section .text)" indicates that
the region is insufficient for your code size. Check the size of memory
region "mem" defined in your linker script. Increase it to maximum possible
or optimise your code to fit it in the defined/available size.
Hope that helps
Hi Dennis,
Thanks for answer.
When I checked my linker file I have __end symbol but not _end.
I added that as below:
} > mem
.bss : {
__bss_start = . ;
__end = . ;
_end = .;
} > mem
The error disappeared but I don't know if I did right. Is this fix
going to affect my application?
Further during linking I get the another following error:
h8300-hitachi-hms-ld: region mem is full (test.srec section .text)
c:/dsp/lib/libc.a(dtoa.o): In function `__dtoa_r':
dtoa.c:342: undefined reference to `___cmpsi2'
dtoa.c(.text+0x606): undefined reference to `___cmpsi2'
h8300-hitachi-hms-ld: region mem is full (test.srec section .text)
Can somebody tell me what is going wrong and how I solve this problem?
thanks in advance

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