Why gcc 3.0.1 fails for sh target (coff,hms)

GNUTeam gnuteam@kpit.com
Mon Nov 19 09:57:00 GMT 2001

The built for GCC 3.0.1 fails for targets sh-hms and sh-coff with the
Error :  Rest of line ignored. First character ignored is '<'  while
compiling basic_file.cc file present under directory /libstdc++-v3/src/.

The source code I am using is binutils 2.11.2, gcc 3.0.1 and newlib 1.9.0.
The build with same source code for sh-elf target has been successful.

I tried to troubleshoot the problem for coff and hms targets and following
are my observations. It will be very useful if somebody comments on my

I compared the /libstdc++-v3/src  build directories for sh-elf and sh-coff
and I observed that the sh-coff's 'src' directory only configures this
directory to have two files basic_file.cc and c++locale.cc. Whereas, the
sh-elf is configured for all the 20 .cc files.
Q:  Why all the src .cc files are not taken for built in case of target

The basic_file.cc has a template class, which, when compiled with -g
option fails to compile on sh-coff (It is successful on sh-elf). When
without -g option or with -gstabs option the program compiles properly.
For -gdwarf it displays unsupported -g option.
Q: Why the -gdwarf is not supported for coff-gcc? Are -gcoff  and -gstabs
debug format only supported for coff target?

Another observation was that in the symbol name formation (read.c and
read.h in gas) the value for character '<' and '>' is 0 in lex_type array.
and so I think the assembler is unable to recognize the '<' character in
symbol name. The stabs and dwarf debug format information for a template
can be recognized by the assembler but not coff debug format for the same
template class.

Q:  If this is the case should it mean that the coff debug format is not
recommended for C++-template programs?

When removed the -g from the compilation I have a successful build on GCC
3.0.1 for sh-coff and sh-hms targets.
Q: But if I want to successfully build the tool chain with '-g' what
should I do?

Please guide me on this.
Thanks & regards

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