Porting GCC for Motorola MBX860 using MPC860?

Okehee Goh ogoh@asu.edu
Mon Nov 19 02:42:00 GMT 2001

Hello, my question might be too cliche. Sorry about that, but I'd like to
make sure.
I tried to use TornadoII's GNU CC compiler with its stdio library except BSP
supporting library
 but it seems to need to link libPPC860gnuvx.a, which I don't want to link.
So, now I'd like to port GNU CC cross compiler for the target machine
Motorola MBX860 using MPC860.
Would it be enough to give "--target=powerpc-elf" or
""--target=powerpc-eabi" to generate GCC compiler for target PPC860?
The GCC source's version is 2.9.3.
Thank you so much.

Real-Time System lab of CSE of ASU
Tel: 480-219-1346

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