Larry Gray larry@greenmotor.com
Mon Nov 12 17:16:00 GMT 2001

> Now, having this in mind, let me reformulate my
> questions:
> 1. Can you approve/improve this procedure? Any comment
> would be very helpfull.
I used a similar procedure just to get my gcc + newlib combination for the 
ucsimm. The first cpu I got to work was the MC68332 with CPU32BUG, then used 
this as the basis for the MC68EZ328. So far you've only mentioned you're 
mysterious CPU, and no board. Keep in mind newlib is pretty much board level 
specific. So you'll have three types of porting, porting gcc for your CPU, 
porting newlib or uclibc for your hardware, and porting linux with your gcc + 
library combination. For porting gcc see "Using and Porting GCC", for newlib 
see porting.texi included with the newlib source code (I think).

> 2. What build/host platform (OS+tools) do you suggest
> for Motorola? Linux sems to me as a natural choice.
Use Linux if available.

> 3. What order of building tools can you suggest?
Check out www.billgatliff.com, look in "Publications and Presentations", find 
"Getting Started With GNU".

Hope This helps,
Larry Gray

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