Goran Chutura ngcutura@yahoo.com
Mon Nov 12 12:12:00 GMT 2001

Hi Larry, Hi Stefen,

I am very glad that you mentioned uClinux. My
intention is to port uClinux to another processor
platform, still unsupported and I need Motorola as my
comparison platform. I intend to use Motorola kernel
code since I find it most similar to my target
processor. Therefore, I need to build the kernel for
Motorola to ensure that I am familiar with my
comparison (or call it "source") platform before I
proceed with my target platform. All in all, I am not
interested in specific Motorola platform, only in
processor instructions.

So, this is my situation: I need Motorola M68k (68328)
simulator (I have something I downloaded from
Motorola, not very impresive) for Linux or
Windows/DOS. I intend to use cross compiler to compile
and build uClinux kernel for Motorola. After
successfull build and run/simulation, I intend to
repeat the procedure for my target processor with its
specific tolls (compiler, assembler, linker,
simulator). I don't expect to be successfull in the
first shot (that would be a symptom of a serious
error!! ;-) ) but I intend to follow that procedure
until the success.

Now, having this in mind, let me reformulate my

1. Can you approve/improve this procedure? Any comment
would be very helpfull.

2. What build/host platform (OS+tools) do you suggest
for Motorola? Linux sems to me as a natural choice.

3. What order of building tools can you suggest?

Thanks and regards,

--- Larry Gray <larry@greenmotor.com> wrote:
> >
> > > Actually, I need m68k-coff-gcc to recompile a
> linux
> > > kernel for M68328. I don't have the processor
> yet but
> > > I do have some simulator. My questions:
> > >
> > > 1. Should I build GCC tools with newlib or
> glibc?
> Hello,
> Are you going to use the ucsimm (MC68EZ328) module?
> I'm using gcc with newlib 
> on a ucsimm. If it would help, I'll email you the
> instructions.
> >
> > For the kernel you only need a bare bones compiler
> no libc at all,
> > though I trust it doesn't hurt. Though for the
> application running on
> > the Machine using that kernel, it maybe is
> necessary to use glibc (not
> > sure here). Have a look at some embedded processor
> running a small scale
> > linux, what they're using, it also depends on the
> memory available. I
> > doubt that newlib is able to provide the interface
> to the kernel. But as
> > I've indicated I'm walking on thin ice here.
> >
> Are you aware of the uClinux project? They have
> ported Linux to the ucsimm 
> and ucdimm (MC68VZ328), as well as many others. It
> uses uclibc instead of 
> newlib. We didn't need the added complexity of Linux
> and found uclibc to be 
> incomplete.
> Hope This Helps,
> Larry Gray
> larry@greenmotor.com

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