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Mon Nov 12 08:37:00 GMT 2001


Goran Chutura wrote:
> I' ll send you the whole output of the error message
> shortly, I'll have to run make again. 
OK. Make sure it only is sent to me, since I doubt all the list will
enjoy a complete `make gcc' output.

> Actually, I need m68k-coff-gcc to recompile a linux
> kernel for M68328. I don't have the processor yet but
> I do have some simulator. My questions:
> 1. Should I build GCC tools with newlib or glibc?
For the kernel you only need a bare bones compiler no libc at all,
though I trust it doesn't hurt. Though for the application running on
the Machine using that kernel, it maybe is necessary to use glibc (not
sure here). Have a look at some embedded processor running a small scale
linux, what they're using, it also depends on the memory available. I
doubt that newlib is able to provide the interface to the kernel. But as
I've indicated I'm walking on thin ice here.

> 2. Are you aware of any nice M68(328)
> simulator/debugger that runs in graphicalmode with all
> fancy stuff (memory, registers, variables, source
> code, #defines,...)

> P.S. By the way, does this mail go only to you or to
> the whole group? I apologize for bothering you,please
> don't hesitate to tell me if I am.
See the ``To:'' field. This one has only come to me. If you take group
reply, it's getting to the list. I will CC this to the list as well,
maybe there's someone out with embedded Linux experience.

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