building MIPS compiler on SPARC

Dan Debertin
Tue Nov 6 03:33:00 GMT 2001

I have an old IRIX 5.3 host whose C compiler is unable to compile GCC
by itself. This wouldn't be so bad if said compiler (from SGI) weren't
all but incapable of compiling any GNU software. 

I'm thinking that building a cross-compiler on a SPARCstation (running
Solaris 7) is the best way to get things working. Looking at the
mailing list archives, though, there appear to be issues with the IRIX
or GNU I'm not sure if I should even attempt it, as it
looks like day-long ordeal to even attempt the task :).

Has anyone tried this? Is it possible? Etc...


Dan Debertin

Writing software is more fun than working.

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