Thu Nov 1 03:41:00 GMT 2001

Hi there
I used the -pg option (to run later the profiler ) on a small program compiled with arm-elf-gcc. The problem during link was that there were undefined references to mcount. I used newlib-1.8.2 to build mu GNU toolchain. In the configure.out file the
message :
This configuration is not supported in the following directories :
for a i686-pc-cygwin-host
(Might be I have to approach the cygwin guys ???)

Given that it is the library libgmon.a which contains reference to _mcount, and this library is not built ... it is no wonder that link fails due to undefined references to mcount.

Is it normal that for arm targets libgloss configuration fails... ?
Have I done something awkward such that libgloss configuration fails ?
Must I use a more recent version of newlib ..?

Thanks for any hints ... answers?

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