Wiggler or Raven

John Andrews john@triscend.com
Thu Mar 22 20:03:00 GMT 2001

Red Hat also hosts 
the gdb mail list. Searchable archives and a subscribe box are available 
I think the experts 
there might have broader exposure to the applications of 
I actually just 
finished building a cygwin hosted arm-elf cross gcc myself. I'd like to be able 
to use gdb with one of these parallel port JTAG devices 
The answers I've 
gotten when asking the experts at work have been that UNIX hosts usually 
use an ethernet based JTAG debugger. like JEENI. Only windoze hosts typically 
use the parallel port units. I'm not sure how this applies to cygwin based gdb 
on windoze hosts.
I do know that in 
the past Mot added support for its parallel port BDM debugger to gdb. I 
think the parallel port JTAG units would have a similar 
I'd be interested 
in your findings if you feel inclined to pass them along, either directly or via 
the crossgcc or uClinux mailing lists.
John E. 
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Is anyone using the wiggler or raven for 
debugging ARM code via the JTAG interface.
How is it working?  
Richard Slaughter rslaughter@anatel.com

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